Guelph Technology


GSPro was created as a true simulator. It isn’t an arcade’y video game forked into the simulation space. This is real golf simulation software. Here is a link to over 700 courses you have access to at The Golf House.

The EYE XO enables users to experience professional training at home, with the added expandability to grow your practice. Its dual high-speed camera system captures all the insights you need to perfect your swing without the clunky setup of other overhead launch monitors.
Read your ball spin. Understanding your golf ball data is the first step in consistently landing the ball whre you intended. with Ball Optix, you see the data in real time on every shot.
See your club path Smart practice means that you learn to hit the ball on the sweet spot of the club with an amazing level of ragularity. See what your club does at the moment of impact, in real time, while learning to dial in each club